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Skin Care Tips! Let's talk toners.

Hello! my skin loving friend. 90% of clients ask me this. "Deborah, do I really need a toner?" This question I hear often, and it's a great one. Chances are you may have asked me this before or will ask me in the future, so I am sharing 3 Must-Know Toner Tips to help keep your skin healthy and glowing. The answer is Yes! Toners are a superpower skincare product! Today's toners are meant to rebalance your skin, reduce inflammation, and ward off blemishes. Specialized toners can also exfoliate, brighten, and super hydrate your skin. Old-school toners used to make our skin sting and feel really dry after using them. People mainly used them as an astringent, designed to remove excess oil and reduce break outs. But unfortunately they stripped our skin of its natural barrier, causing more havoc later on. It's no wonder you might not feel excited about adding a toner to your skin care regimen. Good news -Toners have come a long way. Not only are they an important value to your skincare routine they are essential to use through out the day when extra hydration is needed.
3 Tips a toner can help you achieve gorgeous skin:
Deep Clean Your Skin 1. It adds a boost to your cleansing routine by getting your skin ultra-clean--even helping to remove leftover makeup, BB creams and SPF that can get trapped deep into your pores.
Blance & Purify 2. Using the right toner for your skin - aids in decongesting and purifying your pores while helping to control oil production, keeping you skin well balanced and healthy. The best part? It's not super drying either, because it is pH balanced for the skin!
3: Rehydrate & Replenish3. It can be used as a spritzer before applying serums for a more even applcation and extra hydration. Don't for get you neck & chest!
Bonus Tip: Nothing lifts the spirits and quenches the skin like a mid-day toner mist on the face. Try carrying one in your handbag and using throughout the day.
I'm committed to helping you get the most out of your products. Let me know if I can help you find the right toner for your skin type and goals. Save now on all toners! 15% off valid through Dec 31st
You can book a product pick up appointment. call or text me 512-937-7280 I would love to see you! Peace, Love & Pampering.

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