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Makeup & Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes & Old Makeup

Don’t just wash your face. Wash your makeup brushes and throw away the old make up. Now is a better time then ever to pull out all your makeup & brushes. Start 2022 off with healthy skin habits! Throw away the old and bring in the new! Let’s start by going through all your make up. It’s time! Make a list on which ones you need to replace. Get rid off all your old and expired makeup especially mascara. Makeup brushes - get rid of the ones you don’t need, and clean the ones you love! Make up brushes can carry a lot of bacteria especially when using foundation and concealer. All that buildup can be harmful to your skin. Not to mention the application of your makeup will go on much smoother.

Wash your hands and let’s get started.

Wet the bristles with lukewarm water. Place a drop of baby shampoo with a little water into the palm of hand and gently massage the tips of the bristle getting them Squeaky clean. Rinse the bristles thoroughly. Make sure to remove all the soap. Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean dry towel. Re-form the brush head back into its original shape. Let the brushes dry with its bristles hanging off the edge of your counter, which allows them to dry in the correct shape. But do not let your brushes dry on a towel, and if you keep them in a closed space make sure they are completely dry before you put them away. To prevent any mildew.

Not washing your makeup brushes enough and using old makeup, will spread dirt and bacteria from your face, to your makeup, then back to your face.

Scrub them clean, and throw away your old makeup!

Keep your skin healthy and glowing in 2022

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