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Benefit of Serums

Serums are the powerhouse in skincare. Looking to amp up your skincare routine? Add in a serum! Serums are lightweight and highly concentrated, penetrating quickly deep into the skin, repairing signs of aging and skin damage. Containing the most potent dose of anti-aging ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides, growth factors ( EGF ) and skin brighteners. Serums are a perfect way to target specific concerns. Some are very hydrating while others can be more active designed to repair and prevent unwanted skin issues.

But, not all serums are created equal. Their efficacy is based on what ingredients they contain and at what concentrations. Not sure where to start? The perfect way to personalize your skincare routine - talk to your esthetician who will tailor your very own protocol, making sure you have the right skincare products for Your Skin! Reminder! Your skin is Not your friends skin… what might work for them might not be best for your skin..

Here at Lux Skin Spa I have a wide variety of professional skincare products that will be customized for your skins concerns and goals . I am dedicated to offering the purest of all natural skincare solutions with advance clinical technologies. Using only the highest quality of ingredients to deliver superior skincare for daily home use, and result oriented professional treatments available that will transform the condition of your skin, and bring it to it's optimum potential for health and beauty.

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